Lois Eastlund developed a fondness for fashion at an early age. Between her mother’s rule of thumb that she shouldn’t ever wear the same outfit twice — regularly refreshing her wardrobe — and her proximity to the epicenter for fashion — growing up near New York City, in New Jersey— the apparel path was paved long before Lois attended the Fashion Institute of Technology.

What began with Barbie Dolls dominating a makeshift white tent in the bedroom version of Bryant Park ultimately led to a serious career rooted in clothing creation and appreciation. (To say nothing of Lois’ four very real New York Fashion Week presentations!)

After retiring her Mattel® talents and later graduating from FIT with a degree in fashion design, Lois entered the industry, where she found much success as a designer of menswear, womenswear, junior sportswear and tween clothing.

Between stints working in Manhattan’s bustling Garment District, Lois operated her very own shop in the East Village. During this time, Lois also leveraged her line of streetwear, wholesaling to vendors throughout Europe, Asia and the US, including New York City’s Patricia Fields.

In 2008, after years of freelancing, vending at weekend markets and participating in an independent designer co-op in NoHo, Lois opened her eponymous boutique on the Lower East Side. The brick-and-mortar for five years stocked her line of women’s dresses and men’s shirts that embodied her signature aesthetic — bold patterns and flattering tailoring that continue to define her brand to this day.

In 2013, Lois made a bittersweet but strategic decision to shutter her store and focus on the future of fashion: e-commerce. With the power of online in mind, she’s partnered with Square and other digital retail platforms to reach a broader audience. Lois takes advantage of real life pop-up opportunities too, frequently she can be found selling her chic, comfortable and affordable designs at local shopping events. (She loves interacting with her customers!)

Lois and her stylish line have appeared in outlets such as The New York Times, Women’s Wear Daily, New York Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, ElleGirl, Sassy, The Village Voice, Sportswear International, Children’s Business, Swing Magazine and Solis Magazine. Various online blogs, including Business Insider and Chic Vegan, have also paid homage. CBS News This Morning, Toni On! and WPIX News can be counted among her TV spots.

Speaking of vegan, Lois adopted a plant based diet — and lifestyle — in 2011. Though this was when she first shifted away from eating meat, dairy and eggs, her clothing line has always been 100% cruelty-free, sewn by hand with the utmost care and attention from cotton and cotton blends at her Greenwich Village studio. Further reinforcing her commitment to compassion, Lois is a vocal advocate for animals, volunteering her time and donating when she can to causes close to her heart.

Lois’ hobbies include pilates, yoga and riding her bike outside exploring NYC. (Structured studio cycling classes aren’t for her!) Bringing her passion for fashion and fitness full circle, Lois is presently developing a fitness collection, perfect for the avid gym rat and the occasional exerciser alike.

Interested in connecting with Lois Eastlund? Contact her here and interact with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. And, if you’re of the opinion that nothing goes better with tried and true design than delicious homemade cookies, check out Lois’ second venture, Lois’ Vegan Eats — also on Facebook and Twitter.